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Meydan Nyangon Stephane
celfon +237 690113370 douala Cameroon

Unten die Liste der Materialien und Instrumente, die Stephane für sein Projekt benötigt

Kontakt: Beat Wenger   b@suedfuss.ch .ch

1    - Sounds system
2    - Speakers and monitors
3    - Mixers
4    - Microphones and stands
5    - Cables/ jak
6    - Drum kits, percussions and drums kits skin
7    - Guitars and amps
8    - Bass guitars and amps
9    - Keyboards, as many as possible
10  - Strings for basses and guitars
11  - Tuners
12  - Lights system
13  - Dvds/Cds audio
14  - Recording programs such as Logic, Cubase and Protools,headphones.

Note, any studio recording gear will be nice, also Cameras for videos
Music books and Dvds. thankyou to all of you who support the music improvment in Cameroon and in the all Africa.
Best regards
Stephane Meydan N.

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